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Without a doubt, the single most important element in successful business consultancy is experience. The second most important element is the patience to get right to the source of the business difficulty.

Many consultancies cite passion, enthusiam and energy as their competitive edge but these characteristics are often more in keeping with a job application from someone in their mid/late 20s than those relevant to addressing a crisis in a business organisation.

In our case, we’re more likely to draw on our experience, our networks and our “bedside manner” to help a business pull through. We like to think of ourselves as experienced grey haired or baldy medical practitioners who are skilled in diagnostics and can help the “patient” pull through.

And this dawned on us when we had been called in to assist in a number of business recovery projects in our early days……

So the grey haired ones of a certain age and experience profile have their uses and we might just be able to help your organisation pull through too….

Joe McCormack is a

Fellow of the Institute of Consulting

Member of
The Independent Consultants and Advisers Group Northern Ireland
Consulting Ireland Group

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