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We are a bit like the guys in NEW TRICKS…….   you have to be a certain age with a few grey hairs…. and been around the block a few times……

This sort of experience is often gained through the school of hard knocks and while times are tough today, a few of us will remember times not too long ago when times were even tougher!

Times when the mortgage rate was 15% and the lights were going out regularly. Times when the staff in Ireland’s banks went on strike for six months in 1970 – just think of the turmoil today if we were to do without the banks for six months.

But today’s businesses are quite capable of devising their own survival and development strategies albeit with the help and support of those who have been down this road before.

And this is where the grey hairs and/or no hairs come into their own. This experience is not solely based on academic achievement – important and all as that might be.

So by always taking a second look, we can almost always help our clients assess the potential benefits of their strategy as well as highlighting any potential risk.

…..and so much for teaching old dogs new tricks….   they never forget the old tricks either.

Joe McCormack is a

Fellow of the Institute of Consulting
Member of the Independent Consultants and Advisers Group Northern Ireland
Consulting Ireland Group

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